Audiologist In Santa Clarita Aims To Correct Social, Medical Issues Related To Hearing Loss

Instead of just trying to sell hearing aids, Aronson emphasized her goal of educating the community about hearing and providing hearing loss solutions specific to each individual patients’ needs.

“Advanced Audiology is different from other practices in the Santa Clarita Valley,” Aronson said. “We have two doctors of audiology; myself, an audiologist; and we have a hearing aid dispenser that I actually trained myself, and so is more like an audiologist than a salesperson because she follows our motto of helping people, and helping people to lead better social lives.”

Oftentimes, a person with untreated hearing loss sees the effects in their social life, whether because they have stopped doing activities they love or are isolating themselves from relationships because of difficulty hearing.

“We don’t want people to, as they get older, give up what they love to do just because they may have a hearing problem,” Aronson said.

In addition, Aronson has an expertise in diagnosis as an audiologist when it comes to medical issues related to hearing loss.

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