The national publication "The Hearing Review" interviews Nola about the success of her practice.  What makes her special and unique, and why patients love her. Read the complete story – Click Here



Advanced Audiology's Nola Aronson, strives to help seniors live full lives by offering free hearing screenings, it is our goal to complete 1,500 screenings by the end of this year. That's 500 more than we completed last year. Nola talks about this and more on KHTS as a guest on "The Senior Hour" radio show. Read more about this, or view the video...


Advanced Audiology Continues Active Involvement At SCV Senior Center

Aronson is sponsoring the Celebrity Waiter Dinner this year — which is one of the center’s biggest fundraisers — offers free hearing screenings at the center and is planning to possibly give a series of educational talks there.

“I’d like to give educational talks over there so people understand what they’re reading, they understand about the ads that they’re reading in the paper,” Aronson said during a recent appearance on “The Senior Hour” on KHTS AM-1220. ...Read More!