Nola Aronson from Advanced Audiology is striving to raise awareness that hearing aids are not commodities sold to consumers by salespeople, but medical tools that require skilful programming for hearing loss solutions.

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Open house event focusing on the first "true" artificial intelligence, or AI, hearing aid is coming up October 30th & 31st at Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology. 

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The First "True" Artificial Intelligence, or AI, Hearing Aid

Now available through Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology after being released last month. 

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A total of four community events was sponsored by Nola Aronson's Advanced Audiology over a 30-day timespan this summer, including a gala event and three fundraisers. 

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Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology Announces Sponsorship Of Circle Of Hope Vine 2 Wine, Dancing With Our Stars

Not only does Advanced Audiology regularly sponsor nonprofit fundraisers in the Santa Clarita Valley, Nola Aronson also donates 10 percent of all hearing aid sale proceeds to a variety of nonprofits.
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Santa Clarita Audiologist Debunks Common Hearing Aid Myths

Advanced Audiology's Nola Aronson is discussing several common myths people tend to believe about hearing aids, which typically keep them from correcting their hearing loss.
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2,000 Free Hearing Screenings

Advanced Audiology recently announced a goal of providing 2,000 free hearing screenings to Santa Clarita residents in the year 2018, according to Santa Clarita Audiologist and Owner Nola Aronson. 

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New Machine To Increase Precision For Tinnitus Coping Methods

Advanced Audiology - Hearing aids now have tinnitus features in them that allow the audiologist to program zen music or a variety of types of white to noise to help habituate patients to or nullify the ringing sound.
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Nola Aronson Speaks About The Evolution Of Hearing Aids.

Advanced Audiology on KHTS Senior Hour

Hearing aids have changed drastically over the years, so Santa Clarita audiologist Nola Aronson is talking about their smaller, less obvious size and customizable features. 
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Advanced Audiology Celebrates 30 Years of Helping Santa Clarita Hear Better.

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages depending on a variety of factors, according to Nola Aronson of Advanced Audiology. 

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Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson Shares Reasons To Get A Hearing Test And How Hearing Aids Have Changed

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Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson Speaks About Young People And How Hearing May Affect Them


Advanced Audiology’s Nola Aronson Gives Back To 5 Community Nonprofits Over Last Few Months

As summer turned into fall, Nola Aronson from Advanced Audiology made a variety of contributions to at least five nonprofits from the Santa Clarita community, with the list continuing to grow. Read More -Click Here

Giving Back To Our Community

As a company that believes in giving back to our community, Advanced Audiology's Nola Aaronson recently donated books to the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Carita. She strongly believes that our youth is the future of our country, and being able to will only help them succeed and grow to their full potential.In this video, you'll see the complete presentation to the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Carita.


The national publication "The Hearing Review" interviews Nola about the success of her practice.  What makes her special and unique, and why patients love her. Read the complete story – Click Here

Advanced Audiology's Nola Aronson, strives to help seniors live full lives by offering free hearing screenings, it is our goal to complete 1,500 screenings by the end of this year. That's 500 more than we completed last year. Nola talks about this and more on KHTS as a guest on "The Senior Hour" radio show. Read more about this, or view the video...

Advanced Audiology Continues Active Involvement At SCV Senior Center

Advanced Audiology is sponsoring the Celebrity Waiter Dinner this year — which is one of the center’s biggest fundraisers — offers free hearing screenings at the center and is planning to possibly give a series of educational talks there.

“I’d like to give educational talks over there so people understand what they’re reading, they understand about the ads that they’re reading in the paper,” Aronson said during a recent appearance on “The Senior Hour” on KHTS AM-1220. ...Read More!