Audiologist In Santa Clarita: Hearing Exams, Are They Important And How Often?

Nola Aronson, an audiologist in Santa Clarita and owner of the city’s largest hearing clinic, Advanced Audiology, offers insight about your hearing, hearing aids and medical issues.

Like every other part of our bodies, our ears are also subject to wear and tear, be it from loud noises, gun shots, loud music, construction, stress, heart disease, diabetes or tinnitus.

Nola Aronson, owner of Santa Clarita’s Advanced Audiology hearing center, wonders why? Most of us go to our family doctors to undertake a physical exam to determine the state of our overall health. Other people take their health for granted. Why is it then that many of us disregard our hearing?

To guarantee you can catch a hearing problem early, an annual hearing test, or at least a screening, should start at age 45. You get your eyes and teeth checked; what happened to your ears? How are your relationships when you cannot communicate and someone gets angry because they must repeat everything?

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