Basic Facts About Hearing Loss

senior-hearing-loss.jpgYou may think you know everything there is to know about hearing loss. You may feel as if you are an expert due to being afflicted by this common health issue. However, there are many things about hearing loss you might not understand or some things that may just surprise you. Whether you are a hearing loss sufferer, or someone who has a loved one with this health concern, here are some basic facts about hearing loss and what you can do to help.

Facts to Know

Did you know that hearing loss is so common that it just falls short of arthritis and heart disease? In fact, it is so common that people of all ages are affected by it. If that doesn’t surprise you, perhaps these facts will:

Noise-induced hearing loss doesn’t have to have suddenly. This type of hearing loss can happen gradually over long periods of time. It is crucial to protect your ears at all times, no matter how damaged you think your hearing is.

Other causes of hearing loss may include wax buildup, injury to the ear that you may not know about or even something lodged within the ear. Therefore, it is important to get your ears checked periodically.

Although hearing loss is silent, the effects of it are not. Loved ones may exhibit other signs such as confusion or loss of interest in daily activities. They may also ask more questions than needed to understand a situation or a conversation. If you notice these things, you may want to seek professional help.

Hearing loss can be confused with dementia. Although this can cause dementia to worsen, it isn’t a direct cause.

Some individuals can be born with hearing loss. This is called congenital hearing loss. This is normally caught early in life. Hearing loss that occurs later in life is called gradual hearing loss.

Important Statistics

Here are some statistics to remember about hearing loss:

  • About 48 million people have reported some form of hearing loss.
  • Around 15% of children in school have some form of hearing loss.
  • After the age of 65, one in three people suffer from hearing loss.


There is help for all of these facts and statistics. Advanced Audiology in Santa Clarita offers free hearing screenings and professional audiologist hearing help for all of those affected by hearing loss. Give us a call today to speak to a professional.


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