Get Your Child's Back to School Hearing Test

Get Your Child's Back to School Hearing Test

It’s that time of year again here in Santa Clarita! Kids are leaving their summer vacation behind and going back to school. They are trading outdoor fun and games for schoolbooks and preparation for the future. As your children go back to school, it is important that they are as prepared as they can be. This may include buying school supplies, getting a school physical and should include a back to school hearing exam. Think you can skip this crucial step? Think again. Your child will need their hearing to be in tip top shape to get the most out of their school year.

The Importance of Hearing in School

It is proven that all children learn differently. Some learn better by reciting, some learn better with some visual aspect to the lesson. Whatever the case, your child will need their senses to actively participate in school. If you haven’t had your child’s hearing checked, you may be missing a hearing loss or hearing issue that is causing your child confusion and lack of understanding.

Hearing is important for learning. Although learning can be done without it, your child should not have to suffer in silence with hearing loss.

The Hearing Exam

When your child exhibits hearing related issues, it is past time for a hearing exam. You should have your child take part in a hearing exam at least once per year. The exam itself will only take a few minutes of your time and is offered for free in some facilities. Your child may be asked to wear headphones to check for sounds in both ears. Or, there are other ways of testing the hearing that differ between offices.

Whatever the case, a hearing exam should be performed to check your child’s hearing periodically, especially if there are symptoms contributing to a hearing issue.

At Advanced Audiology in Santa Clarita, we take hearing seriously. We offer free hearing exams to all ages and it makes us happy to serve your children. Give us a call today to schedule a hearing exam and a consultation. After all, the school year may have just begun, but your hearing will be needed forever. And if your child does need help with hearing, Widex makes pediatric hearing aids.


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