Hearing Aid Features

There are many different types of hearing aids that are available on the market, with advanced technology to improve the lives of those with a hearing impairment. Advanced Audiology is Santa Clarita’s expert on hearing solutions, with a wealth of knowledge about the top aids in the industry. As technology levels increase, hearing aids become more automatic and have better features to help you communicate in difficult listening situations. Here are some newer features that have revolutionized hearing aids, and improved the quality of living for those who cannot hear well.Widex Hearing Aids Beyond

Bluetooth Compatibility is a wireless feature that will connect hearing aids to mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices. It uses components like telecoil and FM compatibility to improve the signal to noise ratio and eliminate feedback from the microphone. Another feature is wind noise reduction, which allows people who enjoy outdoor hobbies to avoid and reduce the amplification noise of wind blowing.

Many hearing aids now have smart features that allow them to learn your preferences. It will log your volume control settings and program preferences for certain sound environments, and in time they can make automatic changes when particular environments are detected. Many of these aids will also have Binarural processing, meaning they will communicate wirelessly with each other to process information coming from both ears, allowing them to operate synchronously. In addition, some of these hearing aids can log data so that you have valuable hearing information to provide to your doctor during checkups.

While these are common features found in modern hearing aids, there are some innovative brands that have unique features that make them stand out. 


Brand-Phonak-Lyric-logo (1).png

Lyric hearing aids are the world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid which delivers clear and natural sound! Lyric fits comfortably in the ear canal and is completely out of sight. Lyric can stay put in the ear 24/7, allowing you to keep it on during daily activities such as exercise or showering. Traditional hearing aids capture and process sound outside of the ear, but Lyric uses the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify and provide a full and natural listening experience.

Key Features:

  • Invisible Hearing Aid
  • Stays In-Ear Canal 24/7
  • Can Shower With Them



Oticon is another company making strides in the hearing aid world. Oticon Opn allows you to listen to multiple speakers in a noisy environment, but focus on what is important to you and allow you to switch attention if you wish to! Traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress others. Oticon is processing information so fast that it can remove noise around you, while providing you with access to the speakers around you at the same time. Oticon is available in 3 styles and performance levels, and it has a unique capability to recharge! There are extra benefits of recharge ability, and a single overnight charge can last you all day!

Key Features:

  • Super Fast Processing
  • Noise Removal
  • Recharging
  • Streaming with TwinLink™




Phonak is another industry leader, providing users with a full day of hearing from both ears without the hassle of a battery. Phonak uses the Audio B-R which is the quickest charging, and longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid ever. Phonak also has a soft-speech function, that increases the volume and clarity of soft-spoken speech by 10%.

Key Features:

  • Long Lasting Fast Recharging
  • Soft-Speech Function
  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology™




Lastly, we will touch on the hearing aid brand Widex, which has a set of unique features setting them apart from the rest of the competition. Widex Evoke is the world’s first smart hearing aid that continues to evolve based on feedback and information, intuitively shaping your listening experience. Using SoundSense Technology, Evoke continues to personalize the listening experience to your needs, whether you are inside or outside, by analyzing the sound frequencies it is receiving. Widex Beyond is the top performing hearing aid, made especially for iPhone. With an easy to use app, you have quick and easy navigation through the swipe of your finger.

Key Features:
SoundSense Technology
Widex Evoke

  • Specially Made For iPhone
  • Automatically Detects Listening Situation


Advanced Audiology is the leading expert of hearing aid solutions in Santa Clarita, with a full suite of hearing aid options available for users. Be sure to visit us today so we can find the perfect hearing aid for your needs, and help you hear clearly again!


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