Holiday Family Time and Hearing Loss

Holiday Family Time and Hearing Loss

hearing health holiday family time.jpgThe holiday season is right around the corner, and for many people who suffer from hearing problems, it can be a time of frustration. Santa Clarita families will gather around the table to cherish holiday family time, partake in conversations, and listen to music. For those who are hard of hearing, it can be extremely discouraging and overwhelming if they cannot hear the words or music around them.  Advanced Audiology is Santa Clarita Valley’s expert on hearing care and solutions, and we are here to help community members who are having hearing issues this holiday season.

Get a Free Hearing Test

This holiday season, Santa Clarita residents can give themselves or a loved one the gift of better hearing. With a simple hearing test, Advanced Audiology can determine the extent of your hearing aid needs, and the optimal solutions for your particular use case.  The holidays are a time of family gatherings where you will be exposed to a variance of noises and pitches. Depending on your particular hearing loss, it can prevent you from hearing high-frequency voices such as those of children or women, or even a holiday carol. It can be difficult to have speech recognition or be able to isolate a voice between cross conversations. If words are constantly muffled and you are misunderstanding what everyone is saying, it will get extremely frustrating for both you and your friends and family.

We Offer Help Along the Way

Along with getting a proper hearing test and hearing aid, Advanced Audiology has some tips to help Santa Clarita patients survive holiday family time. It is important to position yourself at a good spot on the couch or dinner table to maximize your ability to hear more conversation. If there loud parties you are attending, then it would be smart to move your conversation to a quieter area of the room that is away from music, high foot traffic, or bar areas. Also, having a wall behind you will help eliminate additional background noise. If you are at a venue that is playing loud music, you can always ask them to lower the volume so that you can hear well! If you are at a large table dinner, try to avoid conversations across large distances. If you’d like to speak with someone in particular, try to sit as close as possible to them!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Support

There is no shame in having hearing issues. Most adults will experience some form of hearing loss in their lifetime, so don’t ever feel the need to overexert yourself or hide your hearing aids. Be sure to wear your aids and get used to them prior to holiday family time. There are many different settings on the hearing aids, so you want to be sure to adjust it prior to gatherings. Advanced Audiology can help you set them up right. If you feel a strain on your ears during a conversation, you should excuse yourself and give your ears a break.

Hearing Health is Important

For Santa Clarita Valley residents who do not currently suffer from hearing loss, it is important to take preventative measures to protect their hearing. If your holiday family time includes sporting events, loud concerts, or other noise heavy activities, be sure to use earplugs, headphones, or some form of ear protection to block the loud sounds that are harmful to your hearing. Also, overexposure to sever cold, moisture or wind in the winter season can lead to hearing issues such as exostosis, or ear infections that may lead to permanent ear damage. Lastly, Advanced Audiology encourages Santa Clarita Valley residents to be mindful when using headphones with their phones or music devices. It is smart to exercise the 60/60 rule, which means keeping the decibel at a safe level of 60% volume for 60 minutes.

Advanced Audiology is the Santa Clarita Valley expert on hearing care. The holiday season brings many excited friends and families to gatherings, and it is important to be prepared for lots of conversations and family fun. Be sure to visit our office for a simple hearing test that will help us find the perfect hearing aid, and ensure a comfortable holiday season of hearing.


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