Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible Hearing Aids

invisible hearing aidIf you are struggling with hearing issues, you may be a candidate for hearing aids. Perhaps your professional audiologist has spoken to you about hearing aids, or maybe you have spent time researching them yourself. You may feel a bit apprehensive due to the visibility of hearing aids. However, there are many different types on the marketing including invisible hearing aids. In Santa Clarita, Advanced Audiology offers many different types of invisible hearing aids to fit your needs. Read more to find out more about invisible hearing aids and decide which is best for you.

Completely in Canal

This type of hearing aid is placed inside of the ear canal and is almost completely undetectable. This type if great for mild to moderate hearing loss and can be custom made to fit your special ear canal size and shape. They are perfect for those who are just starting out with hearing aids due to their simple design.

Completely Invisible

These hearing aids were made for invisibility. They are so small that they are very difficult to detect on any ear type. They are completely invisible in most ears. These are also great for mild to moderate hearing loss and a great starter option for both adults and children. These hearing aids also come in many different colors for each skin tone.

In the Canal

These hearing aids are somewhat invisible due to their blending capabilities within the ear. They are made for mild to mildly severe hearing loss, due to the receiver being right on the outside of the ear. Although these are easier to see than the other two options, they are still perfect for all ages and all confidence levels. They make hearing easier and stronger due to being situated further towards the outside of the canal.

Advanced Audiology in Santa Clarita has many choices available for you and your loved ones’ hearing needs. Invisible hearing aids are available to you in many color choices, sizes and shapes. We offer hearing exams and consults with audiologist hearing aid specialists who are ready to help you get back in hearing shape. Give us a call today!


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