Making the Mask-Wearing Experience Better for Those with Hearing Aids

Masks are mandatory to enter most businesses in California. For some, it’s been a simple transition and an easy segway to being able to gain back freedom to visit businesses, get outside, and work. 

However, for the deaf and hard of hearing, wearing a mask can be daunting. For those who wear hearing aids, it can be especially life-changing. Here are some things you can do to make the experience much better:

Find a mask big enough to go around your head.  Some masks have tight bands for your ears while others offer adjustable headband or adjustable ear bands. If there’s a vendor you want to use to make you a custom mask, you may want to ask them to offer something that will accommodate wearing a hearing aid.
Self-disclose your hearing loss upfront. Vendors will appreciate your willingness to let them know so they can offer you the proper attention and assistance you need as needed.
Make sure you secure your hearing aid and mask before you leave the house. This way, there's a lower chance of losing your hearing aid or having to adjust it while out. It's a pain wearing your mask in the car, but it's an even bigger headache to lose your hearing aid.

Make sure your hearing aid is actually working properly. The worst thing you can do is leave the house with a hearing aid that isn’t working. Check your batteries, clean it, and ensure your hearing aid doesn’t have a ton of moisture on it to avoid issues.

Buy a mask specifically made for the deaf and hard of hearing. Some vendors we like are:

Safe N Clear  They prioritize hospitals and frontline healthcare workers, but it’s worth sending them a request.  

The Clear Mask  The ClearMask™ blocks aerosols, fluids, and sprays from faces and meets ASTM level 3 standards for fluid resistance and flammability. There are two different styles.

The Anti-Fog Clear Mask  These masks are not medically graded as they are sold on Etsy, but a short term fix for $25 that also offers adjustable straps may be the perfect solution right now!

As we receive more developments and tips that are helpful on the topic, we will update this post. We hope these tips help and don’t forget to make your appointment with us before stepping out into the world.