Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson Of Advanced Audiology: The Future Of Hearing Devices

While people currently tend to use their smartphones and earbuds to listen to music, Bluetooth headsets to talk on the phone and activity tracker bracelets to count their steps, Aronson noted that the latest hearing devices can do all of these and more.

“Hearing devices now are really what you call ‘wearables,’ so they not only take care of your hearing loss, but they take the place of all these other devices, so now you only have one device,” Aronson said.

These cutting edge hearing devices connect with smartphones and can play music and audiobooks directly into the device, take phone calls through the device, track things like steps and heart rate and even translate languages, according to Aronson.

In addition, the hearing devices are programmed with what’s called telehealth, which allows them to be adjusted and programmed remotely, without the need to physically visit an audiology office.

“I have a patient in Canada, I have a patient in Pismo Beach, now I have one in New Mexico,” Aronson said. “I’m going to be able to, when they need their hearing aid turned up, to do it on the computer … so they don’t even have to be in my office. So you can have somebody you like working with you and not have to worry about what location you move to or where you are.”

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