Types of Hearing Loss

Types of Hearing Loss

types of hearing loss santa clarita.jpgMost people have come across an individual who puts a lot of effort in following a conversion. Sometimes such individuals do not realize they have a hearing problem and may avoid getting a hearing evaluation. Hearing loss is a condition that affects persons of all ages. Being lax about it can cause other health issues. What are the types of hearing loss?


Conductive hearing loss is when sound is blocked and cannot get to the middle from the outer ear or middle to the inner ear. It is easy to identify and is treatable. What are the major causes of the conductive hearing problem? They include ear infection, a ruptured eardrum, trauma, objects stuck in the ear, wax build-up and fluid in the middle ear. It can be treated by medicine, surgery, middle ear implants, and bone conduction hearing aids among others.


Sensorineural hearing loss is an irreversible condition with the inner ear being damaged. It involves problems with hair cells and the nerves in the ear. The cells main purpose is to stimulate the auditory nerve which in turn sends signals to the brain for interpretation. This condition reduces the intensity of sound and may at times distort what one hears. Some causes of this type of hear losses are genetics, trauma, aging, medicines, and exposure to loud noise. Hearing aids and hybrid cochlear implants help a patient hear.


Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both sensorineural and conductive. This means that a patient may have an irreversible hearing condition and have another issue with either the middle or outer ear. Causes and treatment of mixed hear loss are the same as those of the two conditions. 

Other Kinds of Hearing Loss

Auditory processing disorder: the brain is unable to process the sound information. It is difficult for a patient to understand speech and know the origin of a sound. 

Tinnitus: it is a perception of a sound either in the ear or head when there is no external source. It is caused by neural hyperactivity mostly as a result of noise exposure. 

Presbycusis: it is an age-related hearing condition, where the inner ear is damaged. It occurs gradually in both ears. Diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetes may damage the inner ear.

Expert Audiology Services

Advanced Audiology in Santa Clarita offers personalized services. Our professionals cater for patients with mild, moderate, profound, or severe hearing conditions. Being the largest diagnostic center in Santa Clarita, we offer an advanced hearing evaluation to determine the type, cause, and severity of your hearing problem. We offer fitting of hearing aids and train you how to use them easily. Our hearing products use the latest technology to ensure that patients get quality and improved hearing.

Our caring and experienced personnel give demonstrations of assistive listening devices that may be used with or without hearing aids. For those who work in noisy places, Advanced Audiology offers custom ear molds to help prevent noise-induced hearing problems. We offer follow-up care by providing you with information on how to maintain hearing aids. At the center, we offer minor repairs, maintenance, cleaning of different hearing aids brands, and sell batteries for various hearing devices. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. 


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