What are the Side Effects of a Hearing Aid?

a bte hearing aid being placed into an ear

Dealing with hearing loss doesn’t need to be something you have to put up with when you’ve not yet explored the option of a hearing aid. Hearing aids have transformed over the years, and their design and technology are mind-blowing. From the most basic of hearing aids that were clunky and visible, you can now get hearing aids that are virtually invisible to the eye. However, many patients who want to use hearing aids have concerns over the possible side effects that come with getting a hearing aid. It’s important to know what those are and how they can be dealt with for the sake of improved hearing.

The benefits of hearing aids

There are plenty of benefits that come with wearing hearing aids that far outweigh any negatives to them. When it comes to hearing loss, tinnitus can be a common problem that comes with it and when you have hearing aids, the amplified sound can drown it out. Tinnitus can impact the daily lifestyle you have, and it can be very distracting and annoying to deal with.

Those who already wear hearing aids are highly satisfied with the results that come with hearing aids and that most will notice a difference when wearing them. And finally, with better hearing comes a better quality of life. Being able to involve yourself in group conversations and to be able to hear a lot clearer can be hugely beneficial.

What side effects are there?

When it comes to the side effects, there are not that many that could cause any serious want to get rid of your hearing aids. These side effects below that some patients experience can be dealt with and resolved with a trip to your audiologist, who can help make the necessary amendments to the device. Here are some of the most common side effects that can come from wearing a hearing aid:

  • Irritation: Irritation and discomfort are typically rare if your devices have been carefully fitted by a hearing professional. Just like anything you’d wear that’s not normally part of the body, you will need to adjust to the feeling of the hearing aid. Often it can be your ear simply getting used to something being attached or lodged into your ear, or it might be that the device itself is not fitted properly. Either can be resolved and when it comes to discomfort due to it being too small or too big, this can be fixed by the audiologist who handles the configuration and fitting of the device.
  • Hearing your own voice: When you first get a hearing aid, everything is amplified, and you might notice that your own voice is louder than usual. That can be something that’s very disorientating at first and when you can hear your voice loudly, it can be off putting in terms of being able to concentrate on something you’re doing or whilst having a conversation. However, when you experience improved hearing, you’ll naturally hear a louder sound at first. This is something that will certainly wear off eventually.
  • Headaches and tiredness: With a hearing aid, it can be a lot to deal with at first, and because you’re hearing and body aren’t used to what’s happening, you might experience some headaches and tiredness in the initial days and weeks of using a hearing aid. It’s important you take your time and don’t push yourself or put too much pressure on your body. These side effects will eventually go of their own accord.
  • Feedback: Feedback can happen when the signal is affected and might happen whenever you initially put on your hearing aid. If feedback is happening too often, then you can always approach your audiologist to find out what’s wrong and what could be interfering with the device.

The process of getting hearing aids

When it comes to getting hearing aids, you’ll need to go to a local audiologist and get tested. This test will decide whether hearing aids are something worth having for you and will discuss all designs and models that are available. After the device has been ordered, you’ll have a fitting arranged and then an initial trial of your devices. Once you’ve had that trial, you can make any amendments or address any concerns you might have relating to the hearing aids themselves.

As much as the side effects can occur from hearing aids, there are so many benefits. If you’re looking to get some for yourself, then it’s worth exploring Advanced Audiology. You can call today at 661-403-1799.