What To Expect From Advanced Audiology’s Free Hearing Screening In Santa Clarita

A hearing expert is talking about what residents can expect from Advanced Audiology’s free hearing screening in Santa Clarita.

The screening takes about 45 minutes, and involves having the person sit in a soundproof booth while they remain in communication with the audiologist, according to Steve Lettau of Advanced Audiology.

“The audiologist can go ahead and press buttons and replicate sounds, and then they have to signal when they hear a sound,” Lettau explained. “If they don’t signal, then we know that they don’t hear that frequency.”

In addition, the audiologist will say specific words so that the person being tested can repeat back what they heard.

“Sometimes they’ll miss it,” Lettau said. “We’ll say ‘hot dog’ and they’ll say ‘hamburger’ or something like that, so we know they’re not deciphering proper language.”

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