Zen Therapy by Widex

Zen Therapy by Widex

According to The American Tinnitus Association, an estimated 50 million Americans have gone through tinnitus. A vast majority of those people suffer from varying degrees of hearing loss, which they may not be aware of, or it simply is not a pressing concern. Hearing loss leads to a reduced neural activity reaching the auditory cortex, which eventually results in an overcompensation by the brain causing extra impulses. Tinnitus is not a life-threatening condition, and many people get used to it over time. However, if that does not happen, then the sufferer's quality of life deteriorates. WZT is a comprehensive protocol that assists clinicians to achieve a better outcome for their clients.

Widex Zen Therapy

The Widex Zen Therapy (WZT) enables patients to improve their quality of life by accelerating the habituation process. There are four main components to the therapy as listed below:

1. Counseling

Patients undergo counseling as a means to educate the patient as well as assist the limbic system to change the perception of the tinnitus. If the patient experiences extreme levels of distress, then WZT augments counseling with Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI).

2. Amplification

In this phase, the ears and brain receive stimulation that reduces central activity and maladaptive reorganization of the cortices.

3. Zen Fractal Tones

The method uses acoustic stimuli to relax and simulate acoustics, usually configured for the level of hearing impairment and delivered conveniently and inconspicuously.

4. Relaxation

The relaxational program focuses on sleep management and behavioral exercises.

figure 1.jpg

The relaxational program focuses on sleep management and behavioral practices.


Clinicians assess the patients to determine what components of the Widex Zen Therapy are necessary for treatment. Patients walking into a care center have varying levels of impairment. As such, the initial step involves an interview with the healthcare professional. The Widex Intake Questionnaire is a subjective questionnaire a clinician uses to evaluate the situation. What follows is a discussion to ascertain how much tinnitus impacts on the patient's quality of life. For low-impact cases, instructional counseling and amplification might be sufficient. In severe cases, sound stimulation aids patients by enabling their ears to distinguish tinnitus and silence, which ultimately helps in habituation. Assessment questionnaires assist health professionals in choosing the proper Zen programs that are most beneficial to their patients.

The Five Steps of Managing Tinnitus

WZT follows five easy steps as indicated in the picture below.

figure 2.jpg

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