man repairing broken set of hearing aids

Common Questions About Hearing Aid Repair

Your hearing aid is a vital tool that helps you lead a normal life despite any hearing loss you may be experiencing. However, with usage and age hearing aids can start malfunctioning. When this happens you will need to have them repaired. When your hearing aid malfunctions, it is only natural for you to have […]

a woman experiencing slight ear discomfort

Will Hearing Aids Help With Ringing In The Ears?

Many people struggle with persistent ringing in the ears, also called tinnitus. Researchers don’t know precisely what causes it, but it seems to be more common in people with hearing loss. For some people, the symptoms are mild, and living with the condition is tolerable. However, for others, it can take its toll on their […]

an older man being fitted for new hearing aid models

Hearing Aids Shown to Delay Dementia

When people experience untreated hearing loss, it can impact their brain in a range of ways, none of them positive. That’s why it’s so important that anyone who thinks they might be experiencing any kind of hearing loss gets tested and received the right treatment for the problem. Hearing aids are part of the solution […]

a hearing loss patient getting new hearing aids

What Is It Like to Wear a Hearing Aid?

Many people experiencing issues with their hearing find that a dramatic improvement can be made when they begin to use a hearing aid. However, this step can be a challenge for some, especially if they have not worn a hearing aid before and may have questions about what it’s like. The good news is that […]

an audiologist fitting a patient with hearing aids

What to Expect When Getting Fitted for Hearing Aids

When it comes to a successful hearing aid fitting, it is much more than just selecting the correct device for your hearing needs. The hearing aids need to be properly fitted to your ears so that they provide the correct amount of amplification and to also maximize the quality and hearing aid benefit. What happens […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

What are the Side Effects of a Hearing Aid?

Dealing with hearing loss doesn’t need to be something you have to put up with when you’ve not yet explored the option of a hearing aid. Hearing aids have transformed over the years, and their design and technology are mind-blowing. From the most basic of hearing aids that were clunky and visible, you can now […]

5 Tips for Wearing A Mask and A Hearing Aid

Masks are mandatory to enter most businesses in California. For some, it’s been a simple transition and an easy segway to being able to gain back freedom to visit businesses, get outside, and work. However, for the deaf and hard of hearing, wearing a mask can be daunting. For those who wear hearing aids, it […]