woman with tinnitus

Why Is There No Cure for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is when you hear a ringing, buzzing or sounds in your ears. Sometimes, it can also feel like it is coming from somewhere else inside your head. A lot of people experience tinnitus as a low-level sound that they are able to ignore, but a lot of people who are experiencing tinnitus experience it […]

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Hearing Aids – a Cure For Tinnitus?

The exact cause of tinnitus, which is characterized by a continual ringing or buzzing in the ears, is frequently unknown. We do know, however, that if you suffer from hearing loss, your chances of acquiring tinnitus increase significantly. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, up to 90% of those who experience tinnitus also […]

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Symptoms and Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is known as the perception of hearing ringing or buzzing in the ears. It’s not even a condition itself; rather it’s a symptom of an underlying condition. Those with tinnitus may hear a ringing, buzzing, humming or sometimes even a clicking noise. This sound doesn’t come from anywhere, and nobody else can hear it […]

a woman experiencing slight ear discomfort

Who Is at Risk for Developing Tinnitus?

There are many people who might be at risk of developing tinnitus, and it’s important to be aware of the risk factors and the potential causes of tinnitus too. That information will help you better protect yourself against tinnitus and ensure you don’t end up dealing with the problem yourself in the future. It’s not […]

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Is it Normal to Have Occasional Tinnitus?

Many people experience an occasional ringing in their ears, but it does not mean that it will linger forever. These sounds may last only a few minutes. Ringing in the ears that is constant or gets louder over time may be known as tinnitus. You may hear a specific sound, such as a ringing, buzzing, […]

Zen Therapy by Widex

Zen Therapy by Widex According to The American Tinnitus Association, an estimated 50 million Americans have gone through tinnitus. A vast majority of those people suffer from varying degrees of hearing loss, which they may not be aware of, or it simply is not a pressing concern. Hearing loss leads to a reduced neural activity […]

Tinnometer Machine at Advanced Audiology

Ring in the New Year by Reducing the Ringing in Your Ears Advanced Audiology in Santa Clarita is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Tinnometer. This machine is a completely advanced and new diagnostic tool that allows us to do tinnitus matching with more accuracy than ever before. Unfortunately, there is no actual […]

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss in Santa Clarita

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Do you experience a ringing in your ears? This could be a dangerous health concern. Tinnitus, that ringing in your ears, is defined as the perception of a sound, without a true source and can result in hearing loss or damage. It is important to understand the harmful effects of tinnitus […]

Tinnitus Causes and Treatments in Santa Clarita

Tinnitus Causes and Treatments Hearing problems like tinnitus in Santa Clarita affect about 1 in every 10 adults and is more likely in those over the age of 60. Advanced Audiology is here to help with some simple information to help you or someone you know who may suffer from this disorder. What Exactly is […]

Ways to Manage Life With Tinnitus

Imagine constant noise in your ears, even if you’re in a quiet room. For the millions of Americans who suffer tinnitus, that is a very real problem, and the symptoms can often seem unbearable. While there is no known cure and there is much that doctors and scientists still don’t understand about tinnitus – often […]