Correct Hearing Loss In Time For The Holidays At Advanced Audiology

With the holiday season quickly approaching, those in need of hearing loss solutions can turn to Advanced Audiology so they don’t miss out on cherished experiences with their families.

“This time of year is a great time to come with the holidays coming up,” said Steve Lettau of Advanced Audiology. “We all have really fond memories of the holiday season, and we certainly don’t want to miss anything with the grandkids.”

Those with hearing loss often find themselves somewhat isolated from their families or friends during holiday gatherings, not able to be part of the conversation or hear the sound of their grandchildren laughing, according to Lettau.

“You can always tell when someone’s got a hearing problem,” he said. “They sit in a corner and nod their head and smile. (They) haven’t heard a word you said, and what a shame for them to lose out.”

Before the holidays last year, a friend of Lettau’s came to Advanced Audiology in need of a hearing loss solution for his wife, who had been struggling with her hearing for quite some time.

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