Tinnitus Treatment and Rehabilitation

Tinnitus can be a minor symptom of a much larger issue. Even if it is hearing related, tinnitus requires attention to detail when recommending a treatment. Advanced Audiology handles the evaluation, testing, and treatment for tinnitus. A solid plan of action is the first step to dealing with the debilitating symptoms of the condition. 

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Old age is a common cause of tinnitus that can be seen in sufferers that have a long history of hearing issues.  Tinnitus can strike at any age, and affects a large percentage of the world’s population. Other related causes are ear disorders, earwax blockage, Meniere’s disease and head injuries. 

Subjective and objective are the two tinnitus types, with the former being the most common. Subjective produces sounds that can only be heard by the sufferer. Objective tinnitus produces sounds that can be heard during an examination by an audiologist. Overall, tinnitus is something that can originate in the inner, middle and outer ear. 


Constant ringing or other perception of sounds in the ears are a sign of tinnitus. The sounds range from hissing, buzzing, clicking, humming and even whooshing in one or both ears. It is a phantom noise that causes distractions during personal or professional activities. Since the pitch is random, there is no way to tell when tinnitus will get in the way.

Hearing problems are common with tinnitus, with the unpredictable noise getting in the way of normal sound comprehension. In quiet environments, tinnitus is at its worst. Sleeping becomes hard, and restless nights are accompanied by long days. Sufferers of tinnitus are left helpless in several social situations since there is no on or off switch for the condition.


An audiological exam is used to identify tinnitus and its associated triggers. One all of the details come in, a treatment plan can be put in place. Temporary tinnitus falls under earwax blockage, blood vessel conditions and aggressive medications. Removing earwax and a change in medication can solve two of those issues. Vascular conditions are trickier, and may require surgery, medication or other treatment.

Permanent tinnitus can be resolved using sound therapy to mask the symptoms. This is done with the help of various hearing related products. White noise machines, hearing aids and portable masking devices can work together, or serve as their own treatment. Tinnitus retraining relies on sessions that help sufferers cope with the daily stresses of the condition. Combined with other methods, it is an effective way to ease back into a normal lifestyle.

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